S.O.S. Mechanically
There is no explanation, to all these problems Nation can’t find solution, with economical scrabbles Look in your region, how do you feel my brother Rising price of inflation, with mechanical sadness They tilt their willing hearts, gone now for centuries Away they drift and blow, far from naturality Inventing, creating their world, people mind on that vanity Investing in dollar mechanically, industries technology Now that all things have turn, differently No more can you pocket up hold, the high cost economy Instead of freeing the world from the violence of poverty They make the bad way for the big money, to gain of anything mechanically Every world is crying for the big money That dollar bill, the great Yankee, As they claim it’s good for building, of economies And the only solution, for the poor countries But if you look into your eyes, that you would see That her economy is rough with, in stabilities With the technology and building of industries And with a debt they have to pay for a life story They’re tilt their hearts and minds, on luxuries Having no love at all, for humanity It’s rough on youths it’s tough, for them to live decently With mechanical dollar, for their money, Big bosses have no mercy (refrão) If you hear the other day, the air TV About the adaptation of dollar, the great Yankee In the southern hemisphere, of this bobble idée Now just image in Brazil, how that would be Making industries and factories of, second degree In mass productive art and, deficiency To supply all this people of mechanical needs With their invents and discoveries of technology
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